2023 Sundance Film Festival

How to Fest



Terms and Conditions


Sales. Sales for Festival packages, passes and tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To view sale start times and to purchase ticket products, go to our ticketing page.

Availability. Quantities are limited and all ticket products are subject to availability. Persons attending the Festival in person may join a waitlist if a screening has reached seating capacity.

Age limit. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any package, pass, or individual ticket.

Viewer discretion. Films are not rated; viewer discretion is advised.

Copyright. Independent filmmakers dream of earning a living from their art and craft. Please enjoy this film as it was intended: to be viewed in theaters and streamed on the Sundance Film Festival digital platform. Sundance Film Festival takes extensive measures to curtail piracy, including digital (visible) and forensic (invisible) watermarking of each film screened. Cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited. Sundance Institute cooperates with local, state, and federal law enforcement on all piracy-related enforcement. Copying copyrighted works can subject you to civil statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work and felony criminal charges resulting in imprisonment. Please respect the work and livelihoods of our filmmakers and do not copy, rebroadcast or distribute any film, each of which constitutes copyright infringement under United States and international copyright laws. 

Purchase limits. Due to seating capacities in our Festival theaters and select number of screenings per film (both in-person and online), we limit the number of tickets, packages, and passes purchased per screening and/or customer. The limits are as follows:

  • Single tickets: up to 10 single tickets per screening (this limit applies to both in-person and online tickets)
  • Festival Packages, Day Packages, Award Winners Package and Salt Lake City Package: up to 2 per customer.
  • Explorer Pass: unlimited

Providing an address. You must provide a billing address for payment and physical address for any shipments (if applicable).

Using multiple addresses. Purchases will be canceled if we determine that customers are using different email addresses or physical addresses to get around the purchase limits. The address on your ID must match the address you provide at the time of purchase. Please do not use a work address for purchase—we have the ability to identify non-residential addresses.

Refunds and exchanges. All general public package, pass, and ticket sales are final. Refunds and exchanges are not permitted except as set forth in our Ticket Refund Policy and at Sundance Institute’s sole discretion. Please note that our refund policy permits refunds for all in-person ticketing products in the event that the in-person portion of the Festival is canceled. 

Resales. No resales are permitted. The Sundance Film Festival reserves the right to prohibit any sales during this Festival and in future years to any purchaser or attendee who resells tickets, regardless of the price at which the ticket is sold. Resales include unauthorized duplication. Sundance Institute reserves the right to invalidate any ticketing products that have been resold. 

In-Person Theaters and Venues

COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases. Please review our updated Festival Health/Safety Policies here. We reserve the right to expand or change our health/safety policies at any time to protect our attendees, volunteers, and staff. By purchasing any in-person ticketing product, you acknowledge and accept all potential risks and dangers resulting from or in connection with your attendance at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, including exposure to COVID-19 or other infectious diseases or illnesses. 

Theater Capacity. Overall theater capacity may be limited due to health/safety policies, and entrance is not guaranteed. If you purchased an individual ticket to an in-person screening and are in line at least 15 minutes prior to screening time but are unable to enter due to capacity limitations, you will be provided with a voucher redeemable for a different showtime or film where possible. Late arrivals will not receive a voucher. If you are unable to redeem your voucher, we will provide a full refund of the ticket price. 

Screening locations. Public screenings may occur in locations nationwide. In-person screenings are subject to change based on health and safety standards or regulations in place at time of Festival. 

Arrival time. Pass and ticket holders attending public screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City, or at the Sundance Resort must be in the appropriate line at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Forfeiture for Late Arrival. If you do not arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, you are not guaranteed admission. There will be no exceptions and no refunds.

Accessibility. All official Festival venues have accessible features. Reach out to accessibility@sundance.org for more information.


Festival passes, packages, and tickets will be available for in-person and online Festival formats. Here is how to purchase a pass or package from the ticketing page.

Packageholders must make a ticket selection to secure a seat to a screening.

There are several ways to transfer purchases. In each instance, you and the recipient will receive an email confirming the transfer…

All public pass, package, and ticket sales are final. 

Visit our box offices in Park City, Salt Lake City, or Sundance Mountain Resort to purchase single tickets or use vouchers.