2023 Sundance Film Festival

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How to Make a Ticket Selection With a Package


A silhouette of a person holding a smart phone. The phone screen shows film-screening selections.Ticket selections begin on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Packageholders must make a ticket selection to secure a seat at least one (1) hour before a screening begins. If you are a single-film ticketholder, your ticket is your ticket selection, and no further action is required. Passholders do not need to make ticket selections and are allowed entry to a screening when in line at the theater at least 15 minutes prior to screening time. 

Make your ticket selections early. All screenings — both in-person and online — are limited in capacity. 

How to Secure Your Seat at a Screening

Note: You must have a valid ticketing product in your account to make a ticket selection.

  1. To get started, sign in to your Sundance Film Festival account and click “Program” at the top of the page. Here, you can explore the Film Program Guide menus, download the program as a PDF, or use the “Search the Program” tool and search by filter.
  2. Click on the official film page of the film you would like to see. 
  3. Select the “+ Favorite” option next to the screening of your choice. Important: Favoriting a film is not the same as selecting a ticket.
  4. Next, click your user icon and navigate to the “Festival” tab to access the “My Festival Schedule” page.
  5. Scroll down to “Favorite Screenings And Events” and click the “Order Tickets” button next to the film of your choice.
  6. Make your quick-order selection from the drop-down menu. The transaction fee should be $0.00. (You may also buy additional tickets if the option is available to you.) 
  7. Agree to the terms in the checkout pop-up window to proceed.
  8. Review your order and click the “Buy ($0.00)” button to finalize your selection.
  9. Enter your phone number to receive your tickets by text (optional). Select the “Go Back” button to exit.

How to Get on the eWaitlist

If an in-person screening is not available for selection, you can add yourself to the eWaitlist. Online screenings cannot be waitlisted. For more information, read How to Join a Waitlist.


Festival passes, packages, and tickets will be available for in-person and online Festival formats.

There are several ways to transfer purchases. In each instance, you and the recipient will receive an email confirming the transfer…

All public pass, package, and ticket sales are final.

Visit our box offices in Park City, Salt Lake City, or Sundance Mountain Resort to purchase single tickets or use vouchers.

Review the official 2023 Festival terms and conditions. Find information about sales and purchase limits, refunds and exchanges, theater admissions, and more.