2023 Sundance Film Festival

How to Fest

How to Watch


How to Use the 2023 Festival Apps


There are two new apps for this year’s 2023 Festival — the mobile app, recommended for in-person attendance, and the TV app for watching with Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon FireTV devices. Both are free and available for download. Please note that Festival apps from previous years (2022 and earlier) will not work and you will need to download the 2023 apps.

Learn about the general functions of each app and how to use them below. To get started, simply download the app(s) and log in with your Festival account or create a new account.

Sundance Film Festival 2023 Mobile App

Festival app icon with cinema-tunnel design; black off-centered rectangle surrounded by gradients of orange expanding outward.
Sundance Film Festival 2023 mobile app icon

We recommend that all in-person attendees download the Sundance Film Festival 2023 mobile app (available on iOS and Android) and enable push notifications to keep current on all Festival events and alerts about just-added tickets to screenings. This app is your go-to resource for on-the-ground Festival happenings, like scanning digital tickets, voting, and more.

App Features

  • Access your digital tickets for scanning (as QR codes)
  • Access your Festival ID (if a pass or packageholder) for entry to events (as a QR code) 
  • Vote for your favorite films using our four-star rating system (Note: You must have a scanned ticket to vote; voting is available for in-person screenings only.)
  • Receive push notifications and in-app messages about events, just-added tickets, and more!
  • Search the Festival schedule and film program guide
  • Join the waitlist for an in-person screening

Sundance Film Festival Player TV App

Sundance Film Festival Player channel icon for Roku and Apple TV

Watch this year’s Festival on your smart TV by using the Sundance Film Festival Player TV app available for Roku, Apple TV (available in the Apple TV App Store), and Amazon FireTV. Please refer to Technical Requirements and Setup for Watching for device and browser compatibility.

App Features

  • Access films you’ve made ticket selections for and/or have Single Film Tickets to
  • Browse and watch your content via Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon FireTV
  • Chromecast or Airplay content using your computer or phone with supported devices

Important: Make purchases (i.e., tickets and merch) using your Festival account via the 2023 Festival online platform; this action cannot be completed using the apps.

Please note that screen mirroring on Smart TVs and devices cannot be used to watch this year’s Festival. In addition, you cannot register your Festival account or watch films on multiple devices (i.e., you can’t watch on both Apple TV and Amazon FireTV). Visit our How to Watch resources for more information about in-person and online Festival screenings.

How to Watch

There are many different ways to watch the Festival online. You can watch from your browser, on your TV, and with the Sundance Film Festival app.

This year, the online Festival experience allows you to watch where you want, when you want.

All ticketholders and eligible passholders must be in the appropriate line at least 15 minutes before a film’s published screening start time.

View content on your browser, on your television, and on the Sundance Film Festival Player app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store).

Explorer Pass and packageholders have access to Short Film programs and Indie Episodic screenings on the days that their pass/package is valid.

All Festival tickets this year will be digital, and we will not be issuing physical tickets. Once at a venue, you will need to present your QR code…

Here’s how you can sign up for your film’s waitlist for in-person screenings.

We ask that you enjoy Festival films as they were intended: to be viewed in theaters and in small home gatherings, and streamed on the Sundance Film Festival digital platform.

We appreciate your interest in New Frontier at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. New Frontier is presently being reimagined and will not offer a program at this year’s Festival.