How to Fest

How to Watch


There are many different ways to watch the Festival online. You can watch from your browser, on your TV, and with the Sundance Film Festival app.

This year, the online Festival experience allows you to watch where you want, when you want.

All ticketholders and eligible passholders must be in the appropriate line at least 15 minutes before a film’s published screening start time.

There are two new apps for this year’s 2023 Festival that are free and available for download. Please note that Festival apps from previous years (2022 and earlier) will not work.

View content on your browser, on your television, and on the Sundance Film Festival Player app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store).

Explorer Pass and packageholders have access to Short Film programs and Indie Episodic screenings on the days that their pass/package is valid.

All Festival tickets this year will be digital, and we will not be issuing physical tickets. Once at a venue, you will need to present your QR code…

Here’s how you can sign up for your film’s waitlist for in-person screenings.

We ask that you enjoy Festival films as they were intended: to be viewed in theaters and in small home gatherings, and streamed on the Sundance Film Festival digital platform.

Please review the following important information about Award-Winners films and events to ensure that you have the best Festival experience.

We appreciate your interest in New Frontier at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. New Frontier is presently being reimagined and will not offer a program at this year’s Festival. Thank you for your continued support.

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